You already know the value of QuickBooks and what it can do for your business … otherwise, why would you be here on this site, right? But, who am I?

What do you think of when you hear the word “Accountant?”   Does it draw images of a downward focused countenance underneath a green eye shade; an introverted personality cloistered in a back office, constantly focused on “bean-counting” to the exclusion of all else and responding to any financial question you might have with a jaundiced eye seemingly sending the silent message “back off, Jack!”

Well, I’m definitely NOT a stereotypical Accountant. I actual enjoy working with numbers (with a smile on my face) and love helping people understand them and teaching people to “fish” with the data … knowing how to look at and interpret the numbers , and how the data relates to your business performance and ability to improve your bottom line.  I’m an experienced professional carrying a deep knowledge of accounting and business finance, and how it applies to business contexts like yours. And, I have a passion for transferring that expertise to others who have a desire to know … with a personable approach, never condescending.  I’m a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor … what’s that? Well, I’m trained in and well versed in practical usage of all versions of QuickBooks software (Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions and Point of Sale) by a wide variety of small to mid-sized businesses and organizations, and I’m ready and willing to answer your questions that will assist you in getting the most out of the outstanding business tool that QuickBooks represents.

I’m ready … are you? Give this site’s resources and personnel a try. C’mon, let’s work together!