Monthly CFO Consulting

$2,500.00 / month

Services include:

  • Oversight / Management of Bookkeeping Function (your bookkeeper) *
  • Development and Maintenance of Cash Flow Projections
  • Weekly meetings to develop and review financial reports **
  • Monthly review of Cash Flow Projections
  • Slack team (yours or mine) for better communication

* For bookkeeping services add $1,000/month (contact us, do not subscribe for this option)

** Weekly meetings must be arranged or scheduled at least a week in advance. Up to 2.5 hours per week.

Rather than working hourly, I would rather “partner” with you by setting up a fixed monthly fee.
If you need some extra time one month, you don’t need to worry about the hours.
This way you know exactly what it’s costing you, and you know what you’re getting our of our weekly meetings.

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