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I hope you’re not burning money! When you don’t have a clear financial plan outlined for yourself, you are likely burning up money in both missed opportunities and lack of vision into what is happening now, compared with where you are hoping to be in the near future.

In this webinar I will show you the following:

  • Set up your projections using my cloud based (Google Sheets) Template.
  • Build and project your revenue streams – let’s talk about intention here.
  • Show you how to build and project your expenses.
  • Analyze the projected balance sheet to understand cash flow implications.
  • Analyze the Statement of Cash Flows .
  • Create your future with the right schedules, and tie them into the financial statements so you can see the impact on cash flow.

When we’re finished, you will have a copy of the template, and the tools (as well as the recording of the session), so you can set up your projections and go into 2016 with a solid plan for success.

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This is a live webinar event. After the webinar is finished, it will be available here to download the recording. All attendees will get the recording (included) even if you cannot make the event live, so sign up now, even if just to get the recording later.

  • Event Date: Tuesday December 29
  • Event Time: 12 pm – 2 pm Pacific / 3 pm – 5 pm Eastern

The event is over, but you can purchase and download the 2 hour video here – just add this product to your cart, check out, and watch and learn.



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